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Synthesizing Your Accounting into Profit Metrics that Matter

If You Are Tired of Accounting/Booking COSTING your Money vs MAKING You Money The Call US!

Over 25 Years of Financial Analysis/Investing Experience Applied to Measuring, Analyzing & Improving Valuations 


We offer full business plan development, financial statement analysis/projections & risk management for small business owners to MAXIMIZE profitability & value of the business.   


We offer full suite of financial services focused on increasing business cash flow & profits.  The fact that we can manage your book keeping is a by product of seeking ways to deliver higher profits.   


Our 5 step process promises to deliver increase profits.  By doing so we increase the value of the business.


We have been applying financial analysis to determine the value of large companies for over 25 years as an institutional investor/hedge fund manager.  We now apply that same experience to smaller businesses to identify, quantify & solve problems that affect profitability & values.  

Our clients come to us because they want more from their CPA/ bookkeeper or person lending them financial advice.  We usually ask one question of our clients prospects to determine if we can help them: Do you seek simplification of your business finances to better manage, plan and improve profits?  If the answer is "YES" for then you seek better advice & management of your finances.
Our typical clients are those that are under $15M in revenues or not large enough to hire a permanent CFO.  They range from all types of industries whether product or service companies.  Most clients we find rely on accountants to maintain their financials looking back, but fail to proactively maintain financial statement looking forward.  Some do no forecasting at all and virtually none apply adequate financial ratio analysis.  Either way it eventually leads to a breakdown in the planning process and subpar profitability.  It's one thing to track such things as Return on Investment or Earnings it's another to find ways to improve them.  So the latter is what we do--we don't just provide/forecast the numbers but improve them.
After improving profits we then assist your in deciding where to deploy those profits either inside your firm or outside to achieve your financial goals.
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