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Here at CCS we view your business thru an investors eyes so we can maximize its value by optimizing profits.  Further we look at business owners financial planning needs in its entirety via planning integration for both the business and the individual.   Afterall a business owners personal income is from the business owned so why should the financial planning be separated?  We believe CCS is the only provider to integrate business & personal financial planning.  Further we also incorporate our assumptions on the economy in the planning process we believe is also unique.

We believe the financials of a company tells a story so let us write one for your company to maximize its value.

Charlotte Consultant Services

CCS achieves both higher business valuations & cash flow by creating metrics that matter to both that are specific to your business vs generic accounting metrics.  We then use these metrics to more efficiently allocating business resources so value/profit can be increased.  These resources include: 1) MONEY; 2) TIME; 3) CAPITAL; 4) ASSETS; 5) LABOR; 6) MARKETING.  We do this via delivering a plan to achieve this before the plan is implemented.

Our goal with every client is to return our fees thru higher profitability within the term of contract.  We have done this 100% of the time usually within hours of reviewing a client's situation.  

Although we can and often do deliver bookkeeping services we also work with your existing accountant & bookkeeper to restructure the books to better align to profits vs taxes.

Post delivering and implementing a profit plan, the next phase is how to deploy those profits.  Thus, why we look at business owners overall financial planning needs for both the business and the owner.  We assist owners deploying their capital in and out of their business where finances need to be synced.  Since, owners personal income is derived from the business is it logical to have a seamless way to manage that income?  Further, the business is likely their largest asset so isn't it better to have financial planning for both the business & owner under entity ? Through our affiliate company Brecken Capital Advisors, LLC (BCA) we are uniquely positioned to analyze a business owners complete financial picture & manage their assets thereby potentially increasing the likelihood of success in their personal financial goals.  We believe CCS & BCA combined offer a seamless way to manage all of a business owners finances whether within or outside the business.  

We believe the financials of a company tells a story so let us write one for your company to maximize its value.

We strive to return the majority of our fees via higher profits for the businesses we serve within 12 months. That's how we hold ourselves accountable to delivering client value & our promise.

We provide a seamless integrated approach to managing owners business AND personal finances through CCS & BCA.
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Through our work as an Analyst/Portfolio Manager prior to forming CCA & BCA the most sophisticated institutional investors trusted us in analyzing & valuing public companies.  We now use this skill set to improve profits for businesses.
Our goal at CCS is to deliver at least our fees charged in higher profits within 12 months. 
Leonard Brecken

Email:  lbrecken@charlotteconsultantservices.com

Phone: 917-701-5231

After nearly 30 years as portfolio manager, institutional investor & financial analyst evaluating the value & profit of investing in public companies, CCS was founded.  The services offered by CCS are based on this experience as we aim to improve business profits & value.  We also apply this experience to small business owners business & personal financial planning as a Financial Advisor.

Leonard Brecken has appeared in many media outlets demonstrating his expertise in combining Accounting, Finance & Economics skills (many appear on below).

In the 1990's Mr. Brecken rose thru the ranks at Oppenheimer & Co conducting equity research on large publicly traded technology companies for institutional equity funds reaching Senior Vice President.  One of the primary roles was to maintain detailed financial models for the companies under coverage, analyze earnings reports and evaluate the merits of a company's valuation.  Part of the research process was to interact with senior management.

In the late 1990's, he became the Senior Technology Analyst at Feirstein Capital one of the largest hedge funds ($1 Billion under management at its peak).  During the 3 years he generated over $150 million in capital gains for the fund thru analytical research & recommendations. 

By the early 2000's he founded his own hedge fund where he acted as the trader, research analyst and portfolio manager of the fund when he frequently made media appearances on various topics.


After moving to Charlotte in 2016 he became a Financial Advisor at Waddell & Reed and then WealthPlan Financial Group specializing in the planning needs for business owners.   

How Financial Statement Analysis Was Applied

Over Mr. Brecken's career he has made many media appearances demonstrating how he has applied the same financial statement analysis used in improving profits for business owners.

1)  In 2011, Mr. Brecken made several appearances on CNBC & Fast         Money when he exposed what he deemed Netflix's aggressive           accounting for acquired content as well as significant                           discrepancies between operating cash flow & earnings.  Further,         warned of a significant slowdown in domestic subscribers which         ultimately led to the stock falling by 80%.   Use the following links       to see his appearances:

2)  In 1998, as an equity analyst he exposed accounting irregularities at Avid Technology resulting in the resignation of the CFO.  Rising Property Plant & Equipment was a result of the company moving inventory of product into that account masking a slowdown in the overall business.  The stock fell 50% as a result.  The article appeared in the WSJ.

3)  In 2015/2016, as a Hedge Fund manager at Brecken Capital LLC,         Mr. Brecken wrote over 40 articles across various media as well as       being interviewed by Financial Myth Busters on the general                 economy as well as the oil markets.  He correctly, predicted oil's         fair value price of $60 a share and that oil at $25 was                             unsustainable.   Further the perceived oil imbalances were                   generally being exaggerated in the media.  This was                             discovered thru conversations with executive management with         various energy company's, extensive analysis of  financial                     statements of energy company's and listening to earnings                   conference calls.  His various articles  appear below:

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