Who Seeks Our Expertise

Our clients come to us because they want more from their CPA/ bookkeeper or person lending them financial advice or doing Exit Planning.  The are usually seeking our expertise of improving valuations or higher profitability because no one is focused on it.  Business Brokers are focused on the transaction, CPAs taxes and their financial advisor personal finances, but no one focused on increasing the value of the business.  The following are the top needs we resolve:

  1. Valuation or Valuation Improvement

  2. Overall Profit Improvement

  3. Creation of Profit Metrics/Goals

  4. Simplifying bookkeeping to reflect how the business operates

  5. Seamless planning across your business & personal life

  6. Resource allocation improvement

  7. Product or segment expansion risk/reward

  8. Resolving changes in strategic focus on profitability

  9. Cash flow Improvement

Home Services-- Charlotte: "Recouped $150K in unbilled services"

Food Merchant-- Charlotte: "Reduced transaction fees on credit card purchases"

Manufacturer-- Charlotte: "Increased cash flow by 15% via reducing cash cycle"

Electrical Company-- Charlotte: "Doubled profit via eliminating residential division"

Retail Store-- Charlotte: "Reduced operating expenses by 10%"

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