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  • Leonard Brecken


Key #1: Build on Experience

Key #2: Competitive Advantage

Key #3: Perseverance

3 KEYS TO SUCCESS.  I just wanted to pass along my own perspective on being successful in business.  Over 25 years have changed careers positions 5-6 times (meaning started over in related but different career paths)....every time successful in some capacity.  All building on experienced gained in previous positions which I believe is key #1.   Key #2 was always approaching a new career with first asking a question:  "WHAT IS MY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE"?  That's not only critical in business but business ownership.  That has allowed me over many obstacles when competing because its given me a competitive edge.  Key #3 has been persevere & never take NO for an answer even though your approach is different.  Many times I take novel new and unique approaches to problems and points of view.  Frequently thats met with group think and resistance & because its not the consensus #inspiration #competitiveadvantage.  The ideas weren't bad but its hard to grasp by others because they are new & novel not wrong.  My inspiration has always been WALT DISNEY because he overcame Key #3 after years of rejection.     In my current career as a Profit Consultant and Financial Advisor although early into it I have steadfast kept to the THREE KEYS bringing novel solutions to business owners and individuals alike.

One last note have have been told repeatedly that Keys #2&3 don't matter because so few stand out among peers and "information is homogenous" meaning everyone's advice is the same. Well they are wrong as eventually people will get it and recognize it so don't given up or given in. As Walt Disney said: "KEEP MOVING FORWARD" and you will succeed.

Please feel free to reach out me to and provide feedback as I'm sure many of your have your own keys to success you want to share.

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