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  • Leonard Brecken

Boosting Asset Productivity

One of the more interesting ways to boost productivity of your assets is the use of dispatch software that allows to efficiently deploy not only your labor assets but physical assets like trucks. Often companies either in construction, landscaping or delivery services haphazardly deploy assets based on demand/need without considering ways to minimize travel time to jobs scheduled, better communicate & track bids/revenue as well as field inventory. The return on investment in using the software will depend on your company's size and volume of business, but demonstrates one of many ways business owners can increase profits by better utilizing its assets.

One classic client example who suffered from poor asset utilization was a client who expanded their delivering territory and overall revenues, but NOT PROFITABILITY. Why? Well they didn't consider the costs associated with that broader deliver territory nor the opportunity costs of servicing lower margin clients in expanded areas vs higher margin in their core territory. In the end their profitability suffered because not only did they deploy a flawed strategy, but failed to plan for it & model it BEFORE implementing it.

Investments in this type of software isn't for every size company as mentioned, but should be weighed as a tool to increase profitability. At CCS we bring a multitude of skill sets to improve profitability. To learn some of them please contact us at

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