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One of the key drivers of profits is labor productivity.  The loss of productivity can be as result of many things including the policy of where employees can work...ie home or Work.  Personally, I mentally are more productive by NOT going into work everyday and breaking my week up not only WHERE I work, but WHEN.  Not everyone has the drive & discipline to do this, but nonetheless its important as a business owner to consider a policy that matches employee personalities on WHERE & WHEN to work.  The chart below demonstrates just how much time is wasted by commuting to work for the cities around the country.  Charlotte is 411 days in a lifetime and that's a whole lot of productivity loss! And intern impacts PROFITS not only in last revenue but higher labor costs. That is why for certain businesses we devise some key "profit elements" to capture & measure productivity. To see examples of these please follow the link and see under "Employee Productivity" (https://www.charlotteconsultantservices.com/client-chart-selection) on our website. By making selections here we then translate these "profit elements" into charts each client owner so that they can me monitored, measured and analyzed!



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