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  • Leonard Brecken

Hiring A Consultant Doesn't Need to Be Expensive

One of the principals we stand by here at CCS is that our services need to generate a Return on Investment (ROI). We shoot for returning at least 20% of our fees back in the form of profits in the first 12 months. Often its many more times than that. Nonetheless we measure our performance thru higher profits so judging our value is readily measured & tracked unlike other consultants. Our fees can be paid monthly and range from $300-$1000 monthly that can be cancelled at any time by the business owner. Thus, we strive to deliver value add ie higher profits & business valuation and hold our feet to the fire in doing so. Our "Pay as Value is Added" pricing methodology allows us to work with a full range of clients both large and small in assisting them growing their business.

Consultants tend to do great work, but fail in many cases to measure their work against the backdrop of what the business owner cares about: PROFITS & BUSINESS VALUATION.

Contact us to better understand how we can help improve your profitability and at the same time hold us accountable in doing so. To gain from our insights please contact us or sign up for email updates via

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