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  • Leonard Brecken

How to Boost Revenue & Profits

One of the easiest ways businesses can increase their top and bottom lines is to improve their win ratio when submitting proposals.  All too often owners lose business because they submit estimates based on what they think the customer is willing to pay without understanding their own costs.  They end up losing biz to lower cost competition who most likely better understands their costs and thus out bids them.  Alternatively, bids are submitted based on work needed ie if you the business owner has enough work they enter high bids. One of the basic functions of doing a forecast is break down each product/service so that owner can understand where the business's profit comes from and the costs of each product.  Thus, one can bid on new business more intelligently based on costs and allocate resources to those more profitable products by pursuing the most profitable new business opportunities. Lastly, if a biz owner better plans they can more efficiently distribute their resources available so that they don't just submit "throw away" bids on jobs.

Come see us how we can model/forecast your business to not only improve your profitability but also your revenues.

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