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  • Leonard Brecken

Power of Auditing Expenses

One of the benefits of building a detailed financial model & forecast of business is to better understand the costs associated to specific products, business segments or the business itself. One of by-products of our services is the ability to identify areas where a business can improve its profitability by breaking a business into profit centers thereby segmenting expenses. By doing so you can better understand where money is spent and why. To build a financial model of a company effectively one has to understand the business as well or even more than the actual business owner. By doing so you can maximize profitability in many ways because not only do you understand the financials but the processes of the business and in turn make it more cost efficient.

One of the simplest ways to boost profitability is through cutting costs without compromising revenue growth or things like customer service. We frequently vett existing vendors or potential vendors for our small business clients in order to constantly review services provided and assure the business owner is getting the best possible products/services for the businesses operation at the best price. By doing so we can potentially improve a business profitability. Our network of professionals can compliment existing vendors to assure that a business owner is getting the best possible prices to run the business day to day. More importantly, vendors overtime get complacent on pricing and introducing a competitor or two to rebid a product/service for a business can be a very effective incentive to lower prices to keep business. We strive to return at least 20% our fees is our way of assuring we deliver on our promises to maximize a businesses profitability and in turn its value.

Contact us to better understand how we can help improve your profitability by creating a model of your business and thru it better understand your expenses. To gain from our insights please contact us or sign up for email updates via

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