• Leonard Brecken

Strategic Shifts in Reaction to Economy

It's incredible that even the most sophisticated public companies fail to prepare for shifts in the economy & demand in their business. The role of the Board of Directors is to assist a company in doing so but more often than not it's viewed as a "cushy" way to pad the pockets of executives by joining boards and providing little oversight & insight to the business overall. Privately held companies usually rely on investors or a round table of advisors, but there too things get overlook completely or are acted up only AFTER business demand is negatively affected. Smaller businesses have no one to rely upon and that's where CCS comes in to assist and be part of your strategic team.

The larger the company the more time a company needs to shift its strategy. Most public companies need at least 2 years to shift direction given the bureaucracy. Luckily most businesses in Charlotte are nimble enough to do so within 6 months of first identifying the shift. We have been identifying for over a year that the impact of higher rates will have on housing/construction. Yet few businesses are prepared to shift plans to meet slower growth. However, those that do will be in better position to either sell their company or buy others and in some cases add products or services at the appropriate time to expand.

Contact us to see how we install the financial controls to monitor, measure and analyze profitability to maximize it & valuations. To gain from our unique perspectives on shifts in the economy & how we help plan for them please contact us or sign up for email updates via https://www.charlotteconsultantservices.com/news-update. Podcast available at: https://www.charlotteconsultantservices.com/pod-casts

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