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  • Leonard Brecken

Tracking the RIGHT Data For Your Business

Just like a house, without a good foundation, it will crumble. Well for profits, this is also true as if your to capturing the RIGHT to analyze your profits then your will never be able to maximize them. One of the tools most owners use to capture data is Quickbooks. However, if its not setup correctly to capture things like product/services sales & cost, job sales/cost and segment sales/cost type date you will never be able to analyze profits fully. Quickbooks is a useful tool, particularly for accounting, but it does have shortcomings in both the data capture and analysis. Thats where CCS can help as we assist owners in setting up Quickbooks with our assistance or with input we provide to your bookkeeper/accountant. But first you must identify which profit elements listed above are the most relevant to determine the best resource allocation to increase profits. Sometimes it requires tweeking Quickbooks and data gather processes and others it requires additional software or tracking systems.

CCS helps with setting up your data gathering as part of our Profit Forecast, Plan & Portal we deliver. The moral is before you set out to improve profitability owners must collect the RIGHT data that is most relevant to how & where profits are derived so that they can be track, measured and analyzed. Since CCS is 100% accountable and focused on profits we believe we are uniquely qualified to do so. Come see how we deliver CFO like services focused on improving profits by combining Accounting, Finance & Economics at

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