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  • Leonard Brecken

Why Leave Profits on the Table?

Most business owners we run into monitor & measure only 2 key metrics of there business: Revenues & Cash in The Bank. By failing to dig deep into their businesses profits they most often fail to achieve the most they can earn. Rarely do we see adequate levels of measurement, monitoring or analysis of business's financials. Is it no wonder why most businesses either fail completely or owners struggle to be profitable at all? If you aren't measuring, monitoring & analyzing your profits frequently you probably are leaving profits on the table. That is why we promise to return at least 20% of our fees in first 12 months of service and have a monthly pay as you go fee model. As part of our service we analyze the business via our 5 Step Process which undercovers profit inefficiencies. Ultimately we recommend ways to improve profits after completing our process. In addition, we create a custom portal for each client that displays via easy to read charts key metrics so business owners can monitor, track and understand where & how they make their profits. We update these charts monthly for our clients depending the level of interaction the owner chooses to have with us. To see a demo of our client portal please follow the following link:

Contact us to better understand how we use our 5 Step Process to install financial controls to

monitor, measure and analyze profitability. To gain from our insights please contact us or sign up for email updates via

Podcast available at:

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