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Our Competitive Advantages

Why choose CCS?

Simply put we have THREE unique values: 1) Accountability; 2) 3 Decades of broad valuation experience ; 3) Seamless integration of owners business & personal finances. The problem with how Exit Planning is done by most is that its focused too focused on the process/structure and the legal aspects vs the intent of the plan itself:  to achieve a specified set of financial goals for the owners.  Those goals as less likely achieved if the owner fails to receive what value is expected of the business.  Further, those involved, whether the CPA or advisor, fail to posses the skill set in understanding the driver of the businesses value.

1) Accountability. Our compensation is based solely on improving profitability within a specified time frame.  Usually that occurs within hours of reviewing your situation in fact every client we serviced has seen our fees returned 100% of the time.  That is our goal.

2) Valuation Experience Thru Investing.   We have 3 decades of  successful Wall Street experience analyzing companies/ industries financially, strategically and competitively for investment purposes. The most critical part of an Exit Plan is determining & improving your company's valuation.  We have a track record measuring valuations & determining what drives it that spans the understanding of accounting, finance, capital markets & the economy. We now apply that same experience to smaller businesses to measure, analyze & improve valuations by developing a set of metrics that drive valuations.

Unique Combination of Personal & Business Planning.  An integral part of the Exit Planning process is not only the valuation received by the owner, but whether that valuation and cash flow stream can support the personal financial goals of the the owner either after or before the the Exit Plan is executed.  Business owners derive their personal income from their business so why is the process of understanding, analyzing & planning its finances SEPARATE? CCS with Brecken Capital Advisors Integrates BOTH personal & business planning, exit planning and retirement planning  the comprehensively address all of an owners financial goals.

We view a business as an investment.  Further we view the books of a business a tool the enhance profitability and valuation vs one to pay taxes. We understand an owner's largest investment is his/her business thus view it as such to maximize its profits & value.  In many cases, through proper planning maximizing a businesses value play a key role in achieving an owners exit strategy & retirement.

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