Our Competitive Advantages

Why choose CCS?

Simply put we have TWO unique values: 1) Accountability; 2) 3 Decades of broad valuation experience ; 3) Seamless integration of owners business & personal finances. 

1) Accountability. Our compensation is based solely on improving profitability within a specified time frame.  Usually that occurs within hours of reviewing your situation in fact every client we serviced has seen our fees returned 100% of the time.  That is our goal.

2) Valuation Experience.   We have been applying financial analysis to determine the value of large companies for over 25 years as a successful institutional investor/hedge fund manager and currently Brecken Capital Advisors (a fee only Registered Investment Advisor).  This entailed investing large sums of money by determining the value of various assets including private and public companies of all types.  We have a track record of doing this spanning 3 decades via understanding accounting, finance, capital markets & the economy. We now apply that same experience to smaller businesses to measure, analyze & improve valuations by developing a custom set of metrics to do so.

Unique Combination of Personal & Business Planning.  Business owners derive their personal income from their business so why is the process of understanding, analyzing & planning its finances SEPARATE? CCS Integrates BOTH personal & business planning because we believe either can impact an owners financial goals which usually entails exit planning & retirement which the business is part of.

We view a business as an investment not an accounting to pay taxes.  We understand an owner's largest investment is his/her business thus view it as such to maximize its profits & value.  In many cases, through proper planning maximizing a businesses value play a key role in achieving an owners exit strategy & retirement.

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